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Energy Medicine

  • 1 hour 15 minutes
  • 130 Canadian dollars
  • Whispering Water Way

Service Description

My Energy Medicine practice is a combination of years of wholistic healing courses integrated with Eden Energy Medicine - Energy Medicine is based on the premise that our bodies are made up of numerous energy fields – electrical, electro-magnetic and more subtle energies. Some examples of these fields include the flow of Qi through the meridians as taught in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Chakra system of the Hindu religion, and the protective energies of the body’s Aura. Disease occurs when the flow of these energies are blocked, deficient or excessive. Correction of any energy imbalances will assist in a healthy lifestyle. Energy Medicine addresses your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. What to Expect During an Energy Medicine Session An Energy Medicine session consists of an assessment of the body’s energy flows, and correction of any imbalances. The corrections may consist of simple exercises, “hands-on” soft tissue mobilization, acupressure techniques, or working “off” the body on the Chakras or Aura. Education is given regarding the Energy imbalances, and simple, easy to follow home exercises are prescribed to ensure successful integration of the Energy corrections. During an Energy Medicine session, the client is fully clothed, however, some jewelry and/or accessories may need to be removed. Energy Medicine can be effective to maintain overall health and wellness, and/or can be used as an adjunct to conventional medicines. Advanced Energy Medicine Sessions There are 2 types of advanced energy medicine sessions available: 1) Grid Repair - Deep within ourselves is a framework, or Grid, that supports us. Sometimes with trauma (physical and/or emotional), the Grid can be damaged, leaving us with less accessible energy. Repairing the broken Grid can provide more energy, and a new vitality to life. Reparing the Grid takes time! Session work will be needed prior to having the Grid repaired so that the body’s energies are routinely balanced. Once this occurs, a minimum of three session are required for the Grid repair - one to prepare the body for the Grid work, one to do the Grid repair, and one after to help stabilize the body’s energies. Grid repair can be an amazing experience! 2) Regression - Some of the experiences in our lives are influenced by family patterns, ancestral traits, or past lives. By regressing the client, one is able to correct imbalances that occurred at that time.

Contact Details

  • Whispering Water Way, Calgary, AB, Canada


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